Deposits are NON refundable cancellations with less than 14 days notice will be billed the total contract amount. This means you will pay for all charges on the contract. By signing this contract and entering your credit card information in the appropriate fields you are authorizing K & A inc. D.B.A. Dreammaker limousines to charge the credit card for any of the following charges; deposits, cancellation fee, damages to the vehicle and all services rendered. We will calculate the exact amount of hours and charges when the trip is completed. We will then deduct your deposit amount leaving the actual balance due.

1) Plugs for ipods/mp3 players are to be brought by customer all vehicles have usb and or 3.5mm plugs.

2) Vehicle capacities Double Trouble 30 adults max/ 36 prom kids, Tailgater 26 adults/ 28 prom kids, trouble 18 adults/ 24 prom kids, 33 limo bus 33 max- Excursion limousines 14 max, Hummer limo 14 max Town car limo 8 max

3) Ice bins will be full and ready for your beverages

4) Driver tip is not included unless specified prior, a minimum tip of 20% is not received at time of trip it will be added to Credit Card provided.

5) Plastic cups in all vehicles / glassware will be provided in the limousines

6) $10 per glass for broken or missing glasses

7) Stereo has ipod hook up and also plays cd , dvd or mp3

8) No smoking cigars, cigarettes and or vaporizers inside the limousine a fine of $100 per incident will be occurred

9) No alcohol consumed by anyone less than 21 years of age. If this happens it is cause for immediate end of the run with no refund of any part of the trip.

10) Clean up fee for vomit inside of limousine is $150 minimum per occurrence

11) The toilet in the bus is only a convenience and to be used for #1 no #2 there will be a $150 clean up fee for #2 in stool.

12) All unruly persons will be dropped of at the sole discretion of the driver and no refund of any portion of the trip.

13) Food is allowed in, but if there is excessive clean up needed a minimum $100 cleaning fee. ( please just be careful with food in the limousines)

14) We are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property

15) Over time will be billed in hour increments at contracted hourly rate, overtime will be billed at the contracted rate & agrees to pay overtime charges

16) Cancellations must be made in writing by confirmed email within 14 days of your scheduled event to avoid being billed the full contract

17) customer agrees that DreaMMaker may add there email to the emailing list

18) ll entertainment including cds, dvds, ipods, cords is provided by the client.

19) Be ready to have a great time and dance all you want but no dancing on the couches.

20) We will provide the vehicle that you asked for, but in the case of mechanical problems a equal or greater vehicle may be sent. Satellite t.v. is temperamental so they are provided but cannot be guaranteed .

21) Attorneys' Fees. The prevailing party shall have the right to collect from the other party its reasonable costs and necessary disbursements and attorneys' fees incurred in enforcing this Agreement.

22) No type of weapon is allowed in the vehicle at any time during your contracted time. If a weapon is found aboard the vehicle the run will be terminated and you will be dropped at the nearest safe public location with NO REFUND of any of the run cost.

23) No sitting on the back of the couches this will cause tears in the fabric and the client is responsible for cost of repairs.

24) No dancing or wrestling on any of the couches.

25) No glitter or confetti decorations

26) emergency hatches are for emergencies only opening of any of the emergency hatches during run will end up in a $100 fee at minimum and actual cost if needs to be replaced or fixed.

Contract obligations: I understand and agree to the length and usage along with any charges and further agree to pay for any and all damages my party may cause during the rental periods. I also agree to the above Limousine Rules and Regulations. All damages are the sole discretion of the driver. I understand and agree to pay the entire contract price if cancellation policy is not followed. The number of hours you agree to on the contract is the minimum hours customer agrees to pay.